Gold Award for ZwitAd


ZwitAd: Zwitterionic Adsorbent Coating for Effluent Treatment

Our latest research innovative product known as ZwitAd was awarded with gold medal in 29th International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition, Malaysia (ITEX-18), 10th-12th May 2018, held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC).

ZwitAd is a thin coated layer of adsorbent, a new approach in treating effluent with zwitterion characteristics. The ZwitAd has been formulated and designed for flexible integration with the existing facilities in industries such as drainage system, waste collection tank and parallel fins surfaces and simultaneously working excellently in adsorbing both cationic and anionic charges pollutants. This invention stands a high potential in giving a significant contribution towards clean, safe and healthy environment for future generation.

ZwiAd are among 1000 other inventions participated in ITEX-18. ITEX is an annual event organized by MINDS (Malaysian Invention and Design Society) and attracts inventors with their latest inventions and innovations from universities, research institution, individual inventors, young inventors, and corporation from Malaysia, Asia and Europe.

Congratulations to my Ph.D. students, Ms. Syahida Farhan Azha and Ms. Shazlina Abd Hamid for their endless commitment, passion and curiosity in this research work. Keep up the good spirit!