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The School of Chemical Engineering today welcomed the Director of HPL Technology Sdn. Bhd., Mr. Tan Chor Oon in his visit to discuss and at the same time monitor a research progress presented by a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student, Mr. Low Ying Kai.

2018 leaves a thousand memories and impressive achievements. It's the results of hard work and unwavering cooperation of every member. Sweet memories and experiences gained at Si2TE by winning awards for all the three products we have contested. Followed by the Gold award at ITEX 2018. Each member also managed to produce at least 1 publication last...

Congratulations to Ms. Syahida Farhan Azha and Ms. Shazlina Abd. Hamid for the Sanggar Sanjung and Hadiah Sanjungan respectively. Another recipients from our research team are Dr. Ahmad Akanbi Adewunmi and Mdm. Nur Nadia Ab. Kadir. Congratulations on your well-deserved success!!!

Research Collaboration visit to Indian Institute of Technology Delhi on October 2018. Fruitful discussion with Dr. Sheikh Zia, Dr Wazed and Dr. Shahadat on potential research projects. Opportunity was also given to Dr. Suzy to visit their Barapulla on-site Laboratory and pilot plant site.

Our research team went out around Penang Industrial area and collect water samples from few targetted sampling points. The real wastewater samples were tested for heavy metals removal using our latest research product.

The FKK Sharing session of origin software was held at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) on 8 August 2018. Dr. Nor Aida Zubir, a senior lecturer, was a key speaker of the session. The main purpose of this session was to demonstrate key graphing and analysis feature which are the essential tools required in research papers as well as technical report...

Our research team received a new UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. Training was conducted by Mr. Sabihin and Mdm Nadia from Arachem Sd. Bhd. Thank you to you both and our team are happily learning new additional functions of our new machine.

Our research team members participated in SIRIM Invention, Innovation & Technology Expo (SI2TE) from 17-18 April 2018 held at AMREC, SIRIM, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah. Three of our research projects are among 250 projects exhibited in SI2TE 2018.