Research Team Members

Dr. Shahadat

Visiting Researcher (2020)

Dr. Syahida Farhan binti Azha 

Post-Doctoral Fellow (2020-2021)

Dr. Benjamin Jack Ballinger

Post-Doctoral Fellow (2018-2019)

Catalytic Membranes for Dye Removal and Water Recovery

Nuraffini Kamarulizam

Ph.D. Student (On-going)

Introduction of New Green Polymer for Water Shut Off Treatment in Oilfield Application

Faraziehan Senusi

Ph.D. Student (On-going)

Development of Antifouling Membrane via Surface Modification for the treatment of Oily Wastewater

Noorlaila Mohamed Noor

Ph.D. Student (On-going)

Adsorptive membrane for Quercertine Recovery

Shazlina Abd. Hamid

Ph.D. Student (On-going)

Development of Composite Adsorptive Membrane for Heavy Metal Removal

Khadijah binti Md. Noh

Ph.D. Student (On-going)

Green Coagulant for Aquaculture Effluent

Dr. Syahida Farhan binti Azha

Completed Ph.D. (2019)

Development of Adsorption Coating with High Adsorption Selectivity

Dr. Ahmad Adewunmi

Completed Ph.D (2017)

Development of Fly Ash Reinforced Polymer Gel System for Water Control Application in Mature Oilfields

Dr. Iylia binti Idris

Completed Ph.D (2016)

Direct Contact Membrane Distillation for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment

Dr. Fatemeh Gholami

Completed Ph.D. (2014)

Development of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Hydroxyapatite


Completed MSc. (2019)

Regeneration Study for clay-based Adsorbent

Muhammad Zahid Mahmood

MSc. Student (On-going)

Investigation on Photoactivity Self-cleaning for Thin Layer Coating

Muhamad Sharafee Shamsudin

Completed MSc. (2020)

Removal of Pharmaceutical waste compound by Thin Adsorbent Coating

Aiizat Ikhwan bin Abdul Jalil

Completed MSc. (2019)

Synthesis and performance study of biodegradable composite for Adsorbent Coating

Nur Nadia binti Ab Kadir

Completed MSc. (2017)

Investigation on Water Softening using Modified Bentonite Adsorbent Coating

Syazlina binti Abd Hamid

Completed MSc. (2017)

Thin coated Adsorbent Layer for Removal of Methylene Blue: Adsorption Performance and Application

Tuan Syahiira binti Tuan Zarawi

Completed MSc. (2016)

Removal of Methylene Blue by Bentonite based Adsorbent Film: Characterizations, Performances, and Adsorption Studies

Nursyuhaida binti Mohamad Sobri

Completed MSc. (2016)

Analytical Statistic of Polymer based Gel for Water Shut Off Treatment in Oilfield Application

Noorlaila binti Mohamed Nor

Completed MSc. (2015)

Membrane Fouling and Cleaning Study for Drinking Water Treatment using Integrated Membrane System

Shahida Farhan binti Azha

Completed MSc. (2014)

Development of Thin Adsorbent Coating for Dyes Removal

Nur Farhana binti Jasney

Completed MSc. (2014)

Ultrafiltration Membrane for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment: Fouling Mechanism Studies for Clean-In-Place Approach