Thin Layer Adsorbent Coating


PAINTOSORP - 1st version of thin layer adsorbent coating formulation. 

The main aim of this research is to discover a new approach of the adsorption without involving the installation of major adsorption equipment, no electricity consumption and minimal maintenance requirement for the treatment of various pollutants in water and wastewater treatment.  Clay-based adsorbent formulation acts as a thin coated adsorbent layer is our recent finding with a patent filed and a Trademark applied in 2014.  The adsorption process was applied. Selectivity, improved adsorption capacity,  robust, environmental & user-friendly, regenerative or self-clean and easy maintenance are the areas of research work conducted.   

This research is targeted to give a paradigm shift in industrial acceptance towards applying certain proven technology for pollution control, e.g. adsorption. This application design study is crucial as it does not require any new facilities or special equipment but only rely on small modification of the existing industrial facilities. This research works is also an important building block in giving a new concept for adsorption process application and forecasted to be very economical and easily applied by industries. Besides, it is a significant contribution towards ensuring the environment  is clean, safe and healthy for future generation that is in-line with Malaysia vision for water security and sustainability